What a Newcastle Storage Unit Can Offer Local Clients

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What can a Newcastle storage unit provide clients that their home cannot offer?

These facilities are often seen as a last resort for constituents who are happy to look after their own valuables, but they happen to provide a range of benefits that are easily overlooked at first glance.


Extra Storage Space

There are moments where it becomes abundantly clear that the storage space necessary to possess key items is just not obtainable on the premises. From small townhouses and units to domestic properties that are already full to capacity, constituents don’t want to be facing a hording scenario. That is why the inclusion of a Newcastle storage unit to hire or purchase is incredibly beneficial. It will allow residents to optimise their home space and find another solution that removes clutter from the home. Items will be easier to access and the status of the property will be improved without having to discard those same valuables.


Protecting Asset Value

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Whether it is in the Hunter region of NSW or elsewhere across the country, items that have monetary and sentimental value can quickly become compromised if they are kept at home. Whether it is the garage, the attic, a shed, in a third bedroom or in a closet – the amount of dust and debris that can infiltrate a possession will see its value drop and its lifespan lowered. By placing these goods inside a Newcastle storage unit, they will be protected from such dangers to allow them to maintain their value. This will apply to furniture, electrical equipment, memorabilia, linen, power tools and more.


Neutral Ground for Private Sale

Those local residents who love using sites like Gumtree and eBay to engage in a private sale can still be anxious about providing personal address details to an unknown buyer in the market. Despite having their own rating system where they can be verified online, who is to know how that information is provided and what the recipient decides to do with that information? For consumers who have a Newcastle storage unit at their disposal, they can engage in a private transaction on neutral territory, selling a piece of furniture, vehicle, electrical item or valuable away from the premises.


Saving Goods During Emergencies & Seasonal Transitions

There are subtle transitions that are made around the home when the seasons begin to change. During the cooler climate, the need to have the mower around for access will diminish and this opens up the opportunity to save the asset inside a Newcastle storage unit for 5-6 months. The same principle applies for fans and heaters when the weather switches, seeing Christmas, Easter and Halloween decorations sent away for another year. In the Hunter region there is also the threat of ensuing bushfires when the heat breaks out. Rather than packing a bag of essentials and hoping that the house is not engulfed in flames before losing everything, there can be goods placed in these units to protect their integrity when such a danger is present.


Enhanced Security Measure

Clients who are able to access their very own Newcastle storage unit will be able to take advantage of enhanced security measures that are hard to obtain through domestic measures. From CCTV footage that protects from intruders and burglars to facilities that are given the lock-and-key treatment where only the participant has access to the unit, these methods are expensive to invest in for general homeowners who don’t have these resources. If there is possessions that are too valuable to fall into the wrong hands, then the use of a Newcastle storage unit offers a commonsense strategy for local clients.