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Create a Human Services Business: Some Tips for Success

Creating a business or personal services requires some essential qualities: it is necessary to like to render service, to be constant and rigorous, and to reassure the customers.

Here are our tips for success in creating a personal services business:

  • Develop a network of prescribers to find clients (doctors, nurses, associations, etc.),
  • Take care of your communication: create a flyer, a website, inform journalists, decorate your vehicle,
  • Be on horseback on the quality of your services, because it is by the word-of-ears that you will develop,
  • Do not hesitate to collect and put forward testimonials from your customers.

The competent formalities centers (CFE).

Creating a personal services business can come under different corporate formalities centers.

The following activities are the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry :

  • Gardening, brushing, and maintenance of parks and gardens. It should be noted however that the regime of the micro-enterprise is prohibited; it will, therefore, be necessary to create an individual enterprise in the real world or a society, and the social system will be that of the MSA.
  • Races and commissions on behalf of individuals, delivery of groceries, and preparation of meals at home,
  • Delivery of meals at home (if this service is complementary to other home services),
  • Collection and home delivery of ironed linen (if this service is additional to other home services),
  • Mobility aid and transport of persons having difficulties in moving (if this service is complementary to other home services), including driving the vehicle of the persons concerned,
  • Maintenance and supervision of primary or secondary residences,
  • Other activities that directly contribute to coordinating and delivering personal services,

Note that butler jobs, housekeeper, or personal assistant will be instead exercised in CESU.

The following activities belong to the Chamber of Trades (companies under ten employees):

  • Housekeeping and housework (cleaning, ironing),
  • Services of small DIY or “men, all hands.”
  • Beauty care at home for dependent people.