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Best Practice When Preparing to Use Your Tesla Wall Charger

Electric vehicle drivers will fall in love with their Tesla wall charger once they are experienced and comfortable using the application.

Making that switch can feel like a big step when walking away from a traditional fuel machine, but the cost savings, environmental benefits and longevity for the car are major selling points that will be leveraged.

The challenge for users in this instance is to equip themselves with the right tools before establishing a process that works for their driving needs.

This is a time to outline best practice for consumers using these brands of wall chargers.


1) Selecting The Right Cable Length

The good news for consumers is that they can select their own cable length for their Tesla wall charger. This is beneficial for users who are either in close proximity to their vehicle and don’t need the added length, or more flexibility for others who park at something of a distance from their connection. The options are provided for a 2.5m length for those shorter distances or a 7.5m length.


2) Knowing The Right Model

electric car

There is variation with these chargers that will help to establish the pricing of these designs. From the NEMA 14-50 that requires 12 hours to charge to the wall connector that takes 6-10 hours of charge time and the 90-minute Supercharger outlet, drivers need to source a product that suits their finances and their driving demands. It is an essential consideration that can be changed depending on the agreement in place with the company.


3) Have All Components Ready To Go

Before the Tesla wall charger can actually be used for the vehicle, consumers need to tick off their checklist to ensure that all the components are ready and available. This list will feature the range cord, the wall connector, the clamp connector, the ring terminal connectors and an adjustable strain relief bracket. Working with established installers will help to avoid any DIY mishaps that can be experienced early on with this project.


4) Landlord Clearance

Renters at home might need to check first with their landlord whether or not they have permission to utilise a Tesla wall charger. Connections to the power board can be tricky for some locations, particularly with small units and townhouses where space can be of a premium. Homeowners will not need to concern themselves with this process, but it is a point of consideration if the landlord starts to receive complaints or concerns from other tenants.


5) Installation Quote

The acquisition of an official quote for installing a Tesla wall charger is beneficial on a number of counts. Firstly they help to clarify the price of the project and alleviate any concerns about hidden fees or costs. This is something that comes free of charge for the client. They also shed light on the use of single-phase or three-phase energy supply from the power board to the vehicle. The more information that is at hand through the quote, the less confusion there will be about the transition.


6) Learning The Mobile App Functions

Just like charging up the mobile phone through the connector, users can track how much energy is ready to go with their tesla wall charger through the mobile app connection. It will outline the percentage that the vehicle is charged and equate that figure to the available kilometers that can be driven. No need to be stuck at the outlet when an assessment can be made elsewhere.


This is what constitutes best practice for using a Tesla wall charger at home. Follow these steps for the best results and keep in contact with suppliers who can offer real-time assistance when it comes to the installation phase.


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5 Benefits for Acquiring Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers

Businesses have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders for 12 months of the year.

When managing budgets and dealing with deadline, it can be a struggle to balance all of these duties at once.

This is where sound strategy comes into place, leveraging all possible solutions for the sake of their company.

One of these strategies that come into play is the use of corporate flu vaccination vouchers, providing a mechanism for men and women to be immunised when the flu season arrives.

There are 5 key benefits that are evident when using these programs for organisations at all levels.


1) Improving Health

First and foremost business clients who use corporate flu vaccination vouchers are improving the health of their most valuable asset. Immunisation is the most effective strategy to addressing the spread of influenza. Workplaces are able to achieve herd immunity by collectively being protected and avoiding those cold and flu symptoms that easily spread from one individual to the next. Even mild symptoms that experiences sneezing, coughing, fevers, pain and headaches can lead to a mental fatigue that impacts on productivity. Rather than going down that path and hoping that the problem disappears, businesses have the chance to improve personal health across the board and avoid that predictable autumn and winter seasonal slump.


2) Dealing With Reputable Providers


Only those credible outlets who have the track record and resources can provide corporate flu vaccination vouchers to clients. This can be inclusive of doctor’s practices, hospitals, pharmacies and private medical practitioners who specialise with immunisation programs. For companies who overlook their responsibilities in this respect, they are forcing their employees to find their own legitimate provider. That can be detrimental given that injections could be overlooked or delayed to create a serious health problem for the organisation.


3) Flexible Timing & Placement

Rather than confining a business to one day at one time for their injection program, corporate flu vaccination vouchers offer a degree of flexibility for the client. There can be time restrictions placed on the voucher to ensure that the initiative is engaged within a certain window, but there will still be a level of flexibility that ensures participants can be protected at a convenient time. Particularly for shift workers or professionals who travel from location to location, that is an exercise that works well with their requirements week to week.


4) Educating Participants

Taking part in corporate flu vaccination vouchers is beneficial for men and women who want to know more about the process. They can ask the provider about their own medical condition and their past experience with injections. They will receive advice on how to prepare for the program and what they should expect in the hours to follow. Doctors and nurses will be happy to guide individuals through these processes.


5) Establishing Healthy Workplace Culture


It speaks volume about a business when they embrace corporate flu vaccination vouchers. These initiatives are designed to protect workers from suffering illness and they are most vulnerable when working in close proximity to their peers. Rather than experiencing high levels of absenteeism or expecting individuals to be protected on their own time, the image of the brand is improved when they take these steps.


Businesses that take advantage of corporate flu vaccination vouchers are ticking all of the essential boxes as the April and May window approaches. The costs and drop in productivity does not have to occur if the right steps are taken ahead of time, protecting their employees and embracing a healthy workplace culture in the process.



3 Useful Tips For Finding The Best Printing Services Near Me

If you are looking for printing services near me then there are some traits you would want the business to have before you give them your money. After all, there are many low-quality providers of printing services near me that you might think are competent but actually end up producing a product that you can’t use or that does not meet your minimum quality standards.

Obviously, if you are looking for a provider on behalf of someone else then the pressure is on you to find an adequate candidate that won’t disappoint. The following will examine some traits you want a provider of printing services near me to possess before you decide to engage them for any professional work.


Do they have a good reputation?

When you go an internet search for printing services near me then your first filter should be the general reputation of the business online across independent review platforms. It does not take much time to search up a business and see what the general consensus is about their quality and professionalism.

One or two negative reviews doesn’t meant the business is unreliable, as they might just be two disgruntled customers. However, a long list of negative or mediocre feedback that cites the same or similar issues is an indicator that those concerns about the business are accurate and that you could probably do better by investing your money elsewhere.


Do they have experience with the kind of products you need produced?

Before you engage a provider of printing services near me you need to make sure they actually have the capacity to A) product what you want and B) do it in a cost/time efficient manner. Even if they are the best producers of the kind of material you want, it won’t matter if they can’t deliver the order in time for it to be effective for you. For example, the best Christmas brochure ever isn’t going to help your business if they are delayed until after the holidays are over.

If you need wedding invitations produced on a mass-scale, then it would make the most sense to look for printing services near me that specialise in wedding invitations or other mailed cards. It’s prudent to engage a service that connects you with a specialist who ensure that your order is translated properly into the real thing.


Do they have the latest equipment and training?

Of course, when you look for printing services near me you want to find providers who have the best equipment and have the best training in how to use it. State of the art gear means nothing if the team can’t use it properly, and training means little if the machines are ancient and break down routinely.

You want to engage a company offering printing services near me that can demonstrate it has access to the latest equipment and that it has trained its staff in how to use it. Some types of machine need a specialist qualification to operate and you would want the provider to demonstrate they employ someone who has said qualification.

There you have it, 3 things to consider when you’re out searching for a provider of printing services near me. No matter what kind of order you need completed, adhere to the above tips and you should be able to avoid time-waster and get a good result.

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What a Newcastle Storage Unit Can Offer Local Clients

What can a Newcastle storage unit provide clients that their home cannot offer?

These facilities are often seen as a last resort for constituents who are happy to look after their own valuables, but they happen to provide a range of benefits that are easily overlooked at first glance.


Extra Storage Space

There are moments where it becomes abundantly clear that the storage space necessary to possess key items is just not obtainable on the premises. From small townhouses and units to domestic properties that are already full to capacity, constituents don’t want to be facing a hording scenario. That is why the inclusion of a Newcastle storage unit to hire or purchase is incredibly beneficial. It will allow residents to optimise their home space and find another solution that removes clutter from the home. Items will be easier to access and the status of the property will be improved without having to discard those same valuables.


Protecting Asset Value

woman holding a box

Whether it is in the Hunter region of NSW or elsewhere across the country, items that have monetary and sentimental value can quickly become compromised if they are kept at home. Whether it is the garage, the attic, a shed, in a third bedroom or in a closet – the amount of dust and debris that can infiltrate a possession will see its value drop and its lifespan lowered. By placing these goods inside a Newcastle storage unit, they will be protected from such dangers to allow them to maintain their value. This will apply to furniture, electrical equipment, memorabilia, linen, power tools and more.


Neutral Ground for Private Sale

Those local residents who love using sites like Gumtree and eBay to engage in a private sale can still be anxious about providing personal address details to an unknown buyer in the market. Despite having their own rating system where they can be verified online, who is to know how that information is provided and what the recipient decides to do with that information? For consumers who have a Newcastle storage unit at their disposal, they can engage in a private transaction on neutral territory, selling a piece of furniture, vehicle, electrical item or valuable away from the premises.


Saving Goods During Emergencies & Seasonal Transitions

There are subtle transitions that are made around the home when the seasons begin to change. During the cooler climate, the need to have the mower around for access will diminish and this opens up the opportunity to save the asset inside a Newcastle storage unit for 5-6 months. The same principle applies for fans and heaters when the weather switches, seeing Christmas, Easter and Halloween decorations sent away for another year. In the Hunter region there is also the threat of ensuing bushfires when the heat breaks out. Rather than packing a bag of essentials and hoping that the house is not engulfed in flames before losing everything, there can be goods placed in these units to protect their integrity when such a danger is present.


Enhanced Security Measure

Clients who are able to access their very own Newcastle storage unit will be able to take advantage of enhanced security measures that are hard to obtain through domestic measures. From CCTV footage that protects from intruders and burglars to facilities that are given the lock-and-key treatment where only the participant has access to the unit, these methods are expensive to invest in for general homeowners who don’t have these resources. If there is possessions that are too valuable to fall into the wrong hands, then the use of a Newcastle storage unit offers a commonsense strategy for local clients.


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Why It Is Time To Look Into Salon Hair Treatments In Sydney When Your Ends Are Breaking

It can be extremely infuriating when people find that no matter what they do, they cannot seem to prevent their ends from breaking. There are all sorts of theories as to why this type of things may occur ranging from swimming in chlorine pools, spending too much time in the sun, using bands that are too tight, and perhaps even genetics. Whatever it may be that is actually causing this issue for people, the good news is that there is still something that people are able to do about it.

There is only so far that people can get when they search for a solution such as “hair salons near me” online, which is why people need to go to the source directly. Professionals who work in this field will have tons of tricks under their belt and they may even be able to offer a reason as to why this is occurring. And so because of this, it may be time for some people to look into hair salon treatments in Sydney when tier ends are breaking and when they feel like they have already tried everything else.


It is time to look into salon hair treatment in Sydney when your ends are breaking because nobody has time for that

As most women will agree, there are only so many hours in the day and so they have to be spent wisely. Most women will be trying hard to juggle work, taking care of their children, trying to exercise, aiming to spend time with their family, cleaning their home, sorting out their finances, and sometimes even studying. Then there are those who are running their own business, are running their own social media accounts, and who might even be taking care of an elderly relative.

And through all of this, women try their best to look great and feel confident at all times. But it is pretty hard for people to strut their stuff and to embody the boss woman that they are when they are covered in acne or when they are unable to grow their locks to be the length that they want them to be. So when people are trying to hustle and get things done, it might be time to look into salon hair treatments in Sydney when your ends are breaking because nobody has time for that.


It is time time to look into salon hair treatments in Sydney when your ends are breaking because you deserve to pamper yourself    

In addition to trying to juggle one’s time, another thing that women can often struggle with is feeling like they are deserving of care. Often women will be so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget to focus on the most important thing in their life and that is themselves. When people are not able to practice self-care, they are not able to show up for others in their life to the best of their ability and so they should absolutely make this a priority.

And people don’t have to spend tons of money in order to achieve this, they can simply do one thing for themselves each week and a lot of these things can be done at home. Having said this, having someone else take care of them for a change can often be a wonderful change of pace which is why it might be time for you to look into salon hair treatments in Sydney when your ends are breaking, mostly because you truly deserve to pamper yourself.

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An Overview on Getting Hot Water Cylinders

Whether you are a home owner or small business owner, choosing hot water cylinders is important. Given that heating H2O makes up the majority of household’s energy usage, it is important to select a model that will give you the best value for money.

This article outlines what you need to know when choosing the right hot water cylinders for your needs. It will be useful if your current system is no longer working, or if it is your first time buying one.

Tips for saving money

Today we have access to advanced hot water cylinders technology which provide better energy and cost efficiency. Some of the ways you can save money include:

  • Using H2O-efficient practices (e.g. turning off the tap while you brush your teeth)
  • Using low flow controls
  • Choosing the right system for your needs (e.g. don’t buy a large one you don’t need)

Tips for reducing H2O usage

Conserving H2O is an effective way to minimise your costs. Besides using good hot water cylinders, some of the ways you can reduce your usage include:

  • Installing low-flow fixtures
  • Having showers rather than baths
  • Shortening your shower time
  • Not leave taps running
  • Fixing leaks promptly
  • Turning your system off when on holidays
  • Insulating your tank.

Types of systems

There are two main kinds of hot water cylinders:


Instantaneous systems heat up the H2O as needed rather than storing it.


Storage tanks work by heating up the H2O and then storing it in the tank, ready to use.


Different heating systems


There are several different kinds of heating systems, each which have advantages for certain properties. Choosing the right one for your needs can save you a lot of money.


Electric systems are the most common but can also be the most expensive in the long run due to ongoing electricity prices. They come in off-peak tariff and instantaneous options.


Solar hot water cylinders use heat from the sun, which can be a cost-effective option in the long run. However, these systems tend to have high installation costs. They also come with an electric or gas boost to ensure you have access to heated H2O on rainy days.


Gas hot water cylinders come in either instantaneous or storage options and can be installed either outside or inside the property. If you have a small amount of space and a natural gas connection, this can save you a lot of money.

Heat pump

A heat pump system uses electricity yet is more efficient than a conventional electric system – and a gas system, as it happens. It works by extracting heat from the air to warm up the H2O, thereby using less electricity. The two main options are integrated systems (ideal for properties with limited space) and split systems (which have a separate tank and pump). This option may not be efficient in cold areas (below 5 degrees Celsius).


Financial assistance

Financial aid may be available to some people. The Australian Government may provide a number of rebates and forms of payment assistance to those who are eligible.



Warranties are important as they protect you in the instance that your system is damaged. You should ensure that you also get warranties for all the different parts, such as thermostats and heating elements, and possibly on labour, too.


Hot water cylinders are an important system in most homes and workplaces, as they provide a continual and reliable flow of warm H2O for use in showers, sinks and washing machines. Make sure you get the right one for your needs.


How Epoxy Flooring Is Able To Help When You Need To Resurface Your Garage Area

Most people out there will suffer from decision fatigue and this is because there are just so many different choices available to us. Before the rise of the internet, people were only able to choose between the things that they knew about but nowadays people can just on their computer and are quickly inundated with different options. And so, most people can’t decide what to have for dinner let alone decide about what they are going to do when they need to resurface their garage area.

While this may be slightly frustrating, the only way to the end is through and so people will simply have to put in a little bit of research to help themselves make the final decision, no matter how painful this process may be. With a little bit of preparation, people can feel confident with their choice and can enjoy all of the benefits that come along with it. The truth is that this decision doesn’t have to be a hard one and so here is how epoxy flooring is able to help when you need to resurface your garage area.


Epoxy flooring may be the best system to choose when needing to resurface your garage area as it never needs to be polished or waxed

One thing that people are able to ask themselves when they are struggling to make a decision is in regards to how much maintenance they will be willing to put in down the track. For example, someone who is wanting a luscious green lawn will have to mow this lawn, water it, as well as make sure that people aren’t standing on it with heels. If someone isn’t willing to put in all of this hard work, then the chances are that they would be better off implementing artificial grass instead.

The same idea can be applied when people are at the stage where they are needing to resurface their garage area. If they are not wanting to waste their precious time and energy on maintenance, then epoxy flooring may be the best system for them to go with. This way they get to spend their weekends doing the things that they enjoy rather than polishing or waxing their new surface.


Epoxy flooring may be the best system to choose when needing to resurface your garage area as it has a low lifecycle cost

For most people, when they spend a large chunk of money on something, the last thing that they want to do is have to spend that money again in a year’s time. The sad reality is that this can happen all too often because people don’t do enough research first and will end up purchasing something that isn’t going to last or that doesn’t quite suit their needs. For instance, someone may end up choosing a system that isn’t going to hold up with all of the things that they are going to be doing on it.

This is where epoxy flooring is able to help when you need to resurface your garage area and you are wanting to find something that is going to last for a long time. As this is such a durable system, people can have peace of mind knowing that they have put their money into the correct place where they will see benefit. In conclusion, there are many reasons why epoxy flooring may be the best solution for people but it is up to them to the research necessary in order to affirm this.